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"Welcome to your private slice of New England heaven. I created this peaceful escape to fulfill a life‑long dream of mine: to transform an old Victorian home into a modern, loft‑living masterpiece. I am sure you will find this to be a truly special building, unlike any other in Portland in both architecture and spirit. 

When I first discovered the building, it was one of the last available on Munjoy Hill that still had its Golden Age splendor. Unfortunately, it was also amongst the worst in condition. Each floor was divided into a maze of small rooms; there was a drop‑ceiling on the first‑floor; the drywall was stained, peeling, or missing; the windows were drafty; and the backyard was an asphalt parking lot. The whole property suffered from years of serious neglect. It just felt dark and depressed; and I am blessed I caught a glimpse of its potential when I did.

Throughout the design and renovation process, no detail was overlooked and great care was taken to ensure that everything was done with the longevity of the building foremost in mind. Overall, the concept behind the top two floors was to maximize living space and to provide the beautiful New England sun with an opportunity shine freely. The immediate rush of openness you get upon ascending to the second floor is very deliberate, just as how the floorpan and curved wall showcase the spiraling, hand‑made staircase. Beneath your feet on second and third floor, the original sub‑floor was exposed (and if you look closely you can see how the planks were taken from the same trees). The kitchen was redesigned for the serious cook who likes everything within reach, while the back bathroom and stairs remains intact to pay homage to the building’s history. In the third floor bedroom, the skylights were installed so one could watch the clouds roll by first thing in the morning and then the stars come out at night just before bed. As you will notice, the staircase continues all the way up to the roof which is incredibly unique, adds a lot of character, and offers some interesting possibilities for expansion. As for the back yard, the aim was to reclaim a slice of Maine’s wilderness with the planting of a diverse mini‑forest, a design element echoed in the kitchen hardware and the bathroom tile in the third floor shower.

I lived in the top two floors, and used the front room on the first floor as my art‑studio (note the purple heart‑wood molding as you walk in). The back, first‑floor unit was used as a guest‑pad, an affordable rental unit to area artist, and an Airbnb. My original plan was to return in a few years to complete the building’s transformation back to a single‑family home. I was going to build a roof deck, remove the interior walls on the first floor, move the kitchen downstairs, and hopeful procure the other side of the building. Yet, life moves us along in different directions as our priorities and interests change. I just cannot imagine ever leaving my new home in Cumberland and simply love my life here. My hope is to sell this property to someone who truly falls in love with it and appreciates it as much as everyone who has had the chance to live here over the past eight years. Unlike others with houses on the market, I do not feel a sense of urgency to sell this property, but I do feel that the timing is right for someone else bring life into this building and fill it with their own dreams and aspirations. 

Munjoy Hill is a prized New England neighborhood for many reasons. I highly suggest you ask someone who has lived there more recently to give you their impression. It is the type neighborhood you can just ask that question to anyone you meet on the street."


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